We started using the app “Pages” this morning.  How exciting.  We wrote about our favorite part of our summer in our spiral notebooks and then typed it into Pages.  We discovered that the iPad will correct the words that we have spelled incorrectly.  When this happens, the children are to write the word correctly in their spiral.  This will help them to spell it better the next time.


iPad programs

The beginning of the iPad program has been extremely exciting and the energy generated by the students is motivating! The initial phase of building this successful iPad program is building trust, establishing procedures and routines, and providing the students with proper instruction on how to best utilize this educational tool. I will use this blog to keep you informed each step of the way. 

Apps introduced:

Show Me- app which provides excellent tutorials for many subjects. Students will create Show Me videos to help solidify their learning.

Sktich- app which allows students the ability to import a photo and then mark it up (add ink on photo). Example: take a photo of a plant and label all parts. This was done with Mrs. Seidel in science. 

iHomework- assignment notebook

Google Apps accounts were created so students can create and share information in the cloud.  This google type account is managed by USM. Students do have e-mail accounts but are not to use them at this time…and never for social purposes. They will soon begin to share documents with me and they need an e-mail account for this purpose. Also many of the apps we use need accounts set up and again, e-mail address is needed for this purpose. 

What we have been up to!

We are only into day 6 and we have done so many things.  One of the best things is exploring our new iPads and seeing how we can use them to learn.  We have explored popplet, iHomework, ShowMe and set up our Google Apps account.  WOW!  Soon we will be exploring other apps and we will let you know what they are.

Welcome to Third Grade!

There are many different things to explore in Third Grade