iHomework and the Portal

The children are to type in their assignments each day into iHomework, and I put the assignments on the portal each evening.  When in doubt, please check the portal for assignments, due dates, and such.  I believe it will be helpful to check the portal each evening to give you more information about assignments.  I talked to the children today and told them to make sure to show you what their homework is before they mark it complete. This way you know what your child should be completing each night.  After the work is done, and you have gone over it with him/her, the assignment can be marked completed.  Establishing this routine will help you to know what is being done and will also keep your child accountable for the homework.  Often I will give a detailed explanation of the assignment to your child and the meaning gets lost in translation to you.  My job is to make sure that your child is successful in third grade and establish routines and habits to help him/her.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is a misunderstanding about the assignments that are given.



Happenings in 3rd grade Room l215

We are humming along, working hard in third grade.  The children continue to learn and deepen their understanding of grammar while using GoodReader to make corrections on DLR pages.  We have now moved to doing Daily Geography using GoodReader.  When we correct the work, the children have an opportunity to put the work they have done on the SmartBoard using the Apple TV.  Thanks to Mr. Cruz and the technology department, our Apple TV is working wonderfully.

Edmodo continues to be an app that we are using in the classroom.  For example, the children are working on picking a new lunch menu item for the next two years.  “The Candidate” will be picked in the primary by using the polling feature of the Edmodo app.

We also use Edmodo for math messages to start many of our Everyday Math lessons. The children turn in the assignment, I look at it and send them some feedback.

We have used a blog for social studies.  It has a few bugs and we (the teachers) will be looking into other interactive ways for the children to learn about the region of the United states.  In the mean time, using the “Stack the States” and “State capitals” apps will help the children to learn more about the individual states.

That’s it for now!!


Last week in Room 215

The children and I continue to enjoy using the iPad for many different things.

We are fine tuning our grammar skills as we use GoodReader and the editing tool bar.  The students are learning more about how to use the tool and getting their work done quickly.It is great to see the kids just whizzing along with this app.

For math, the children are using Edmodo  for the math message.  It is fun to see how fast they have caught on to how to answers the questions and submit their work.

 We have marked a weather site in Safari.   We are using this site to record the high and low temperature of a specific place.  the children are to go to this site each Wednesday that we are in school to record the temperatures and find the difference between the two.  This is a great activity to reinforce subtraction of multi digit numbers but it will also give them information about the climate in the different regions of the US.

Educreations is an app that we are using for a variety of content.  Right now the children are using the app to explain math algorithms and problem solvers.  When they have completed an Educreation lesson, they email it to me.

The kids and I have decided that at the end of each month, we will delete all of the homework in iHomework for that month.  Please be sure to have your child show you the list of assignments before he/she marks it completed.

Thank you so much for your support!!