This was a week that we did not use our iPads hardly at all because of testing.  We used them for daily language review, daily geography and to type stories. But, there are several things to look forward to after our Thanksgiving break.

Ms. Clegg is going to introduce the children to Overdrive.  This is a program that allows children to check out ebooks on their iPads.  More information will be coming to you about the app.  After that, Mr. Villeneuve is going to help the children set up Google Drive for collaborative work.  This will enable the children to work on a project together and not be in the same place.  Pretty cool!

I hope you are enjoying the tidbits that you are hearing about the Pilgrim simulation.  The kids are having a great time learning about what happened in 1620 in the “New World”.




The children continue to work hard at learning each day in class.  

This week we used Edmodo to choose a “candidate” for the lower school election.  Each grade level is proposing a new lunch item for the next two years.  Edmodo has a polling feature that we used to narrow down our classroom choices for the new lunch item.  We then used the polling  again for all 76 third graders to vote for one item to go on the ballot!  The third grade “candidate” is cereal with assorted fruit options.  The LS will vote on the candidates from all grade levels, SK-4th next week.  Keep an ear out for the winner!

As the children continue to use the GoodReader app, they have discovered different ways to be creative with their work.  I have told the children that the purpose of using GoodReader is to complete Daily Language Review and Daily Geography work.  I have asked them not to change the color or the style of the fonts. Please remind your child of this when they are competing assignments at home.  There will be opportunities coming in the future that will give the children a chance to show their creative side.

Garageband is a great app for the children to listen to themselves and reflect on what they are like as a reader. This week the children picked a story or a passage to record.  After recording, each child’s job was to listen to the recording and reflect on what he/she heard.  Thinking about fluency (reading rate), accuracy (knowing the words), each child fills out a reflection sheet.  These sheets will be help them see growth as the year progresses.Image

We also used Educreations this week with math.  The children are learning how to write and solve division and multiplication number stories.  The children were given the opportunity to create a number story for their classmates to solve.  They put this number story up on the SmartBoard, using Apple TV, and the other children solved the problem using individual white board to show the answer.  It was great fun and a wonderful learning experience.

Just a reminder:  Some of my darlings are coming to school with only 20% battery on their iPads. Please charge at night (not in the bedroom) so the iPad is fully charged for the day. It is also a good idea to power the iPad completely down after it is plugged in to charge.

Once a week, be sure to check for updates on the iPad.  Many times these updates help with “bugs” on the device.  Thank you for your attention to these reminders