SE Region history videos







We are moving right along as we go through our daily routines in third grade.  We continue to use GoodReader for Daily Language Review and Daily Geography.


Using Educreations is a favorite of the class when doing math, especially problem solvers. It does have some challenges.  With this in mind, we came up with a list of what we would like to change about Educreations to make it third grade friendly.  I wrote a letter and review to the company listing what we would like done with the app, such as being able to back and an re do just a small portion of the recording without having to do the whole thing over.   I hope to hear from the developers soon.  Stay tuned……..


Edmodo is also used to get responses from the children about how many of the things the pilgrims experienced can be related to our lives 400 years later.  Speaking of the pilgrim simulation, the children are enjoying the experience.  To change things up a bit, the children were given the opportunity to record a video about a phase for their pilgrim log.  The children recorded and then uploaded the video to a private Youtube channel.  I then converted the video to a QR code, which I printed and the children glued into their pilgrim log.  When your child brings home his/her pilgrim log after the simulation is over, be sure to view any videos he/she may have made.  I see more applications for this in the future.


Ms. Clegg showed the children how to use the Overdrive app on the iPad this week. With any technology, we had a few challenges, not everyone was able to access the ebook library to “borrow” books to read on the iPad.  We are working on a solution and keep you updated.  In the meantime, I will send you the directions for OverDrive via email.


As we start our study of the Southeast region, there are some projects that the children will be doing to deepen their understanding of the importance of landforms, resources, and people of the SE.