Checking out library books can be as easy as a click of a button!  Mrs. Clegg showed the children how to use the OverDrive app.  This allow the children to check out e-books from our school library.The current collection is very limited, but hopefully it will grow in the coming months.  If a child tries to check out a book using this app, and the book is currently checked out, they will be prompted to wait for the book.  At this point they will need your help since it requires an email address of an adult. A message would them be sent to you when the book is available. This app has a nice safety feature.  The kids can only access books based on a grade level grouping.  For our third graders, they can only view books in the PK-3 grouping.  The bugs are still being worked out with this app.  Books checked out from OverDrive should be able to be viewed using iPads.  The kids have been encouraged to be patient with this process as it is new to all us.

It is also possible for the children to check out books from the public library system if they have a library card.  Just go directly to the public library’s website and look for the e-book link.  Follow prompts and enter your card number.  Please make sure you check the juvenile category before your child views books or the search will open up to more than 10,000 books in some cases. When you go to these sites, the downloaded books will not be able to be read on iPads. You will need to do this from your PC or Mac.  This type of book access will come in handy as the kids begin formal research and need a variety of sources to gather facts.


Another app that can be used for e-books is Storia.  This is an app developed by Scholastic.com/storia-clubs.   Specific Books can be purchased from he monthly book orders for the iPad, PC, or Mac.  What I like about these books is that some of them come with activities to enhance comprehension.  Fiction and non-fiction books are available to purchase with prices ranging from $3.99 to $19.99. 

There are many opportunities for your child to make decisions about what is best, reading or writing on his/her iPad vs. reading a book and writing in a spiral notebook.  The children are learning to balance between the two and know which is better to do for different assignments. They are realizing that using the iPad all the time is not the best way to accomplish their work.



A note from Mrs. Seidel about Simple machines.

Science: Simple Machine Scavenger Hunt

The students are using KeyNote to summarize their Simple Machine study.  They have been encouraged to take photos of the six simple machines to use for this presentation.  The presentation will include a slide for each of the six simple machines.  Font change/color and transitions will not be added to presentations until they have been given the OK.  I will be checking for CONTENT!  Below is the list of requirements for each of the six slides.

  • Name of simple machine is listed
  • Definition
  • Explanation about how the machine makes work easier
  • 2 photos of machine  (parts labeled if possible: use Skitch to label photo) I have encouraged kids to find great examples of these simple machines in the real world.