Just a reminder!

Please help your child update any school related apps.  When you see the red number by the apps store, please update them.  This will make things go smoother in the classroom.  Thank you!

As you can see, I have 11 to update.  I had better get to it!Image



This week we used two more apps.  The first one is called NEARPODThis app allows me to push content to each child’s iPad.  I can ask questions, have then write something, take a short quiz, and even watch a video.  What I like about this app is that I can see what each child is doing when they are doing it.  I can share information from a student with all the students, without them knowing who did it.  I also like that it is a way for the children to focus on the content.  They really have to be focused on what they are doing. This also allows me to push the students to get the task done. Thank you for downloading the app because it made it easier to get started.  Also, if possible, could your child have a pair of headphones at school? An inexpensive pair from Walgreens or such would be helpful as we begin to do more work on the Nearpod app.

The second app we used this week, in addition to what we have been using, is Google Drive.  The children have been partnered up to create a short (about 1 minute) presentation about a president of their choice.  Using the Google Drive enables the children to collaborate on one document.  Once they got over the fun of watching each other type on the document, they got down to work.  This allows the children to write notes about their president when they come across information, and their partner can see what they have done.  I have asked the children to use library books for research as well as the website Kidrex.com.  This is a kid friendly site that is going to give them good information without the worry of getting inappropriate content.